Heket was the ancient Egyptian goddess of metamorphosis; of evolution. She was represented with the body of a woman and the head of a frog; the species so adept with change. It is the pen name used for fiction writing and illustration, and the business name of a words/graphics/voice-over design enterprise. The frog, specifically the bullfrog, is Richard's spirit guide. It is the vertebrate blessed with the widest variety of vocal expression in the animal kingdom. Richard was born in the year of the bull (or ox) and is of French ancestry. For these reasons, the frog silhouette image is backed by the French tri-color.

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About Richard Heket

what is richard heket design?

Master of design: words, graphics, & voice. Richard's strength is the ability to write, illustrate, or vocally resonate your story. My approach is simple. Writing, illustration, and voice-over define who you are and how your story will affect other people. Every written word, graphic element, or vocal offering has strength to resonate meaning and character. He writes and edits with clarity, illustrates with refined color and shape, and speaks with a resonate voice of persuasion and reason. These are the basics of communication; the continuous thread of shared experience. With forty years of experience, his design mastery is founded on one principle: with simplicity, everything is important.

Words, graphics, & voice.These are critical communication elements that must convey a story with clarity, emotional impact, and simplicity. They must work together to convey the message's intent. They must work dynamically to assure the best conveyance. They must work independently without the necessity of personal presence. It requires discipline and child-like imagination to see new possibilities in every-day media.